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"When searching for your next perfect home or selling your current home, you need the right connections. In a time of global communications and global markets, I understand your desire for personal contact when looking or selling. I know there are many factors that you will consider from the uniqueness of the property, the location and the cultural amenities in the surrounding community. I am here to help you with your search, and assist you with all of the details when it comes time to purchase and close, or sell your home."

Vicki's clients were asked and they said…….I want an agent that matches my "Values" with high Standards of honesty and integrity. I want an agent that mirrors my "Philosophy" by always putting their customer first. I want an agent that is "Innovative, Knowledgeable" and up-to-date with the latest technology. I want an agent that works for a company that is "Service Oriented" providing extraordinary services to customers. I want an agent that has achieved acknowledged "Sales Success". I want an agent that has the best "Leadership" team at the helm. I want an agent that works for a company with "Stability" in this ever changing market. Most importantly, I want an agent that will "Communicate" with me on a regular basis about my buying/selling progress.

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